An improperly repaired tire can fail when driven at high speeds causing loss of vehicle control and a dangerous situation. Flat or damaged tires need to be repaired by qualified tire professionals. If you are unsure of your car tire condition, stop by! We'll be glad to inspect them for you.

While many holes can be plugged, we do not recommend repairing large punctures or holes in the tire's sidewall. Our experience tells us it will not hold.

Tire Repair

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My tires only have a slow leak - Do I really need to have it repaired?

If you’re driving on a tire that keeps losing air or has been punctured, it is extremely important for your safety and that of others to have it inspected right away. The service professionals at P&B will inspect your tires inside and out to determine whether we can repair the tire or if it needs to be replaced.

Our flat tire repair services may help to:

You should do a visual inspection of your vehicle's tires at least monthly. Look for excessive or irregular tread wear, scrapes, cuts, bulges, cracks, punctures, or debrie such as stones embedded in the tread.

If you spot any of these conditions, or if you have continuous loss in tire pressure, the tire should be dismounted and inspected by a professional to determine if a repair can be done before it is too late and will need replacing.

Tire Maintenancetire maintenance

There are basic requirements to get the longest wear out of your tires. If you take care of the tires the tires can last longer. Some ways you can do this include:

Regular tire rotations help to eliminate premature tire wear and could save you hundreds of dollars. Rotation of tires will help to avoid uneven tire wear which can lead to poor gas mileage and decreased performance. Tires will wear differently given their position on the car or truck, the condition of your vehicles suspension, and your driving style. Regular tire rotation helps to more evenly distribute wear to help you maximize traction on all wheels and get the most miles out of your tires.

You may wonder why you hear of balancing tires.  Unbalanced tires will lead to vibration, uneven wear, and possibly unsafe driving situations. While tires are balanced when first installed, daily tread ware changes the distribution of weight around the wheel assembly and tire. Balancing your wheels minimizes the resulting vibration you may feel in the steering wheel, under your seat or even the floorboard. You should experience reduced wear to the tire tread and a smoother ride with properly balanced tires.

Wheel Alignment

P&B Automotive & Tire specialists measure and correct wheel angles to ensure they are set to the vehicle manufacturer specifications.  This process adjusts wheel angles to be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.

Replace Worn TiresMost tire manufacturers recommend a f-wheel alignment at least annually. Other times to consider the need for a front end or 4 wheel alignment would be:


Do you see a symbol on your dashboard that looks like a tire?

You have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in your vehicle tires. If you see the TPMS symbol lit up you need to have your tires checked. This can mean something simple like your pressures are uneven or set higher or lower than the manufacturer's specifications. It can also mean you already have a flat tire. It is not wise to ignore that little light. It can also mean that your tire pressure sensors are not functioning correctly.

TPMS refers to an electronic system used to monitor air pressure inside your tires. Maintaining optimal inflation in tires is important for several reasons including:

Let us check to ensure all of your tires have the proper pressure and if the sensor located in the tire assembly is accurately transmitting data to your car's computer system and if not, make appropriate corrections.

New Tire Installation

tire-repair-vaIt is our job and pleasure to keep your vehicle safely rolling down the road. The day will most certainly come when tire replacement becomes necessary. Even with perfect tire maintenance, there is a limit to their lifespan.  P&B Automotive we pride ourselves to get you the best deal we can.

Tires are an investment both financially and in your feeling of security and actual safety. P&B Automotive & Tire will help you obtain the correct replacement tires for your driving needs according to the type of vehicle you drive, the driving conditions in your area, and the performance you are looking for.

It may be tempting to only replace one tire, but it may be that all four tires should be replaced. Many of the cars on the road today are front wheel drive. A few are rear wheel drive, and then there are the 4 x 4 and all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles.


vehicle inspectionDetermining if you really need to replace all tires at once depends on your car. With AWD vehicles, the differential and computer work to send the right amount of torque to each wheel minimizing slippage and maximizing vehicle control. If one tire is new and the other three are worn, there will be an incorrect reading and the differential will work too hard. If you drive like that long enough you will burn out your vehicles drive train.

That covers just one type of drive system. P&B knows what to recommend depending on your specific need.  Our tire replacement process includes:

P & B Automotive sells tires for your passenger vehicle, light to medium truck, or SUV! 

Our resources enable us to obtain tires of all brands including:

  • Uniroyal
  • Goodyear
  • Goodrich
  • Kuhmo
  • Michelin
  • General
  • Mastercraft
  • Continental
  • Nitto
  • Firestone
  • Bridgestone
  • Pirelli
  • Yohohama
  • Dunlop

If you need it, we are here to help.

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